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Thunderbolt - text


That night in late october
We saw them burn the sky above
Explosions flashin' the desert
We were a bunch of soldiers
In weapons and numbers much surpassed
But in belief and pride so much stronger

Enemy lines attacking
We died but never a step back
We were like ghosts in a nightmare
The order was resistance
But no reinforcements from behind
Should we call it an alliance?

Our troops and mates fell around us
In bravery and boldness they died

Uoooooooooooo We lost our youth and freedom
Uoooooooooooo Now memory just fades away
We died for a reason
Uoooooooooooo Glory of our Mother Land

No surrender - THUNDERBOLT
Never surrender, NEVER
No surrender - THUNDERBOLT
I will remember your names my sons

No one ever resigned
We all died with our guns in hand
And we screamed the last life's breath
Our deeds remain forever
No one can cancel it anyway
The heroes of those days

No good or bad in my words
The braves and bolds all they died

Uoooooooooooo They lost their youth and freedom
Uoooooooooooo Now memory just fades away
Do we know the reason?
Uoooooooooooo Glory lost under the sand

(They roared like sons of thunder) - They signed the book of the legend
(They fought like sons of thunder) - They signed it with their blood
(They died like sons of thunder) - Their souls float on the desert
(They were the sons of thunder) - They were drowned in the sea of sand

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