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Earth Song - text


Back in the day when all begun
You were my cherished one
Then you enjoy to playin' God
With no more care for me - I gave you life and you want kill me

I wonder why you choose to sail the wrong direction
Instead of live in harmony you devastate

You burn the woods that give you air
You poison the water that you drink

You live with no regrets, with no respect for me

Pollution, business, War and Lust
Darkened your mind and heart - Money's the cancer in your life
Wasting resources no tomorrow
No way to get back

I can see no vision, I can see no destination
Your time is running out, you cannot save yourselves
Eating your chemical efforts
Squandering more and more
You live with no regrets, with no respect for me

Sun is shining for us
Water's flowing for us
Earth is feeding us
Woods are breathing for us

Noooo we just destroy, we act as locusts with no aim

We live with no regrets, with no respect for Mother Earth

.... Mother Earth - x2

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