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Blessing Rain - text


On the streetlights, on the sidewalks
Rain is falling, blessing desolate
I am lonely, old and lonely
And I feel like goin' home
Where's the fury, where's the glory
I've been seizing all my life
Where the good friends try by my side
Shake my head and fade away

In the black of the night
All the prayers leave the heart
Reach your hand out to the morning light
You're the ruler of your life
You're the keeper of your soul
You're the hand to make a dream come true

I've been ramblin', I've been running for my life
I've been fightin' for my rights and I did no compromise
I'm a senseless lick of fire, I'm a paralyzed desire
Am I fool, playing alone with r'n'r ?


Yeah, I said what I said, an' I did what I did
And that's all, yeah!
But I got somethin' on my mind that keeps saying
I did not mistake it all


Every day is all right to die, every night is all right to
Every time I take a look ahead I see time takin' bites
of my time
All around I see void risin' like a tide
And I can only hold on to love I give
In the streetlights, on the sidewalks
Rain is falling, like a consolation
I am old but maybe not lonely
Yeah, I feel like long way home

Repeat Chorus

Solo1:Lucio, Solo2:Junior+Lucio, Solo3:Lucio.

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