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Seeking a sign.
To justify my crime.
What a life.
Another possible reason for why.
You'll never know the reason for what
Entered my mind.
A thought, an explosion in a dream.

Taken away on a dream of glory.
A mindless crime.
A fault in my thought,
A never ending search for justification.
Take it away, a dream of glory.
What time would have seemed, when I thought.
Our lives could have been,
What they seemed,
But now its the end all is lost.
So take me away on a dream.

Repeat 1st verse

Taken away her spell is bring me down,
Cryin' aloud, break my fall.
Wait till I wake from my dreamworld.
You can't decide what's right or what's wrong.
Into the dreamworld I fall.
Light at the end you see what is right.
Stop shes an innocent victim.
He only sees what he wants to believe.
A death in a dream is murder.

We seek the light,
For those who dream in the night.
The memory I had now is gone.
In a time, this time,
Seems so many now,
And the truth was the answer to all of our lives.
And another dream of you close to me now.
Won't, won't you take me no more.

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