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Path to Aquilonia - text


In her hand discover freedom.
To show you its not the right reason,
She cares,
To the path of Aquilonia we ride to find,
A kingdom that shall be mine,
Through the gates and the forests of Asgaard,
We seek the truths that govern our lives.
Time is falling from the sky.
As her darkness it casts a spell over me.

Out on the streets again.
Life for the taking.
Shes going to take you.
Into the time zone.
Back to the streets we ride.
Life's for the taking.
Shes going to take you.
Out on the streets they fall.

Out to fight again we ride.
Pray our God we'll never die.
It's not the reason why.
It's just for you to know,
Powers that he once beheld.
To a light that never dies.
It's not the reason why, it's just
For you to know he's free.

Through the gates we hold our own.
To take their lives, regain my throne.
Darkness overules the light.
Change it now, victory in sight.

As I stood upon the throne,
I saw her face and heard her groan.
T'was my queen dying alone.
Her crying fears captured in my mind.

I took her gently in my arms.
Her lips they smiled an ending charm.
How to rule without her now.
My heart without a soul.

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