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I gave it a chance I walked on glass,
And what did it get me? Nothing,
I opened up I showed you love,
Why couldn't I see this? Coming,
I've made mistakes but
you take the cake,
But it's bitter so take it!

The end of days,
A forceful change,
I've tried my best,
You were never there for me;

You broke my back and played me,
You won just by driving me crazy,
You know I'm gone but maybe,
There's still another
breath of life out there for me

I played the same, but you
changed the game,
I'm not gonna take it! Sitting,
I'll be the man, the better man,
The bitter is sweet when
you taste when!

A sacred life,
Has been denied,
I've tried my best,
You would never care for me;

I hear what you say,
I've seen my mistakes
And I know I'm okay
Cause you're driving me crazy

Text přidal Bobik4ever

Text opravil DevilDan

Video přidal Bobik4ever

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