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Our friendship was a long long fare half of my life
That you were there
Along my side companionship so true
You'd pick me up when I was down
You took my fist without a sound
Made me smile with no one else around
Now you're gone

Well I miss you so much more than words explain
Well I hear your name
And I need you farther more than ever, now

A loyal love you gave to me everything
That I needed free
Everything I wanted the pedigree
But then you had to go away
I know I'll see you again someday
Promise me you'll remember the good old days
While you're gone

Memories now haunting me I never took the time
To say I'm sorry darling
For every time I crossed the line
So can you please forgive me
And let me show to you
How I go insane
When I hear your name
Remember all the pain that I caused to you

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