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Memorial Park - text


Standing closer now
free rocks to the warm
and beneath the clouds
two box before the sun

One..for granted
where you were once be

Alright fall time now
memory inside to see
and in the sin sin bow
behind the road once..

Is exactly as I remember it
the night when we were laughing
you miss that..
you miss the days that still..wonder in ..
beneath the beautiful bird outside

One..for granted
where you were once be

Of the..Sundays when
..shows in the sand
..time that you have spent
the cherish ..friend
I’ll have your park now
necklace made of gold
even pleasure in your hand
the story now before
sun is now behind you
place I have upon your shoulder
with the whispering in hour

Text přidal Bobik4ever

Video přidal Bobik4ever

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