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[Verse 1]
Yeah..... Alright
First let me say I've never loved no one
the way that I love you girl
but I hate to say
I've tried and I'm almost done
with all this me and you girl
So why can't I leave when I know you and me
probably going be fighting again
then we going be right here again
I'm Trying not to look cuz thats all it took
the last three times
so you see that's why
I'm trying to make it out the door before she start to Cry
I'm hearing tears hit the floor I think she starting to Cry
I almost made it I said what I had to say
and she knows I hate it cuz it makes me want to stay
When she Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
I made up my mind but then she started to cry
[Verse 2]
God make it rain, rain drops would hide her tears
please help me
don't let it start 'til I'm somewhere far from here
please help me
ooh I want it over
but it aint over
she's getting closer
now she's on my shoulder
she's doing it again
I don't know if it's ever gonna end
don't want to go back where we've been
And that's why
[Repeat Chorus]
1 tear I still got my bags backed
2 tears I'm walking but I'm looking back
3 tears she know she going to win
before they hit the floor I'm doing it again
5 I'm turning back around
6,9,12 now I'm losing count
Back in the house, back on the couch
thought we was breaking up but now we working it out
[Repeat Chorus]

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