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Raindrops Will Fall - text

There's a time 4 every star 2 shine
And a place 4 every dream 2 see the light
When u have everything
U don't need another reason 2b something
Hold on, and look to your faith
Can't let nobody, nobody get in your way
I walked thru the fire
Fought thru the ragin storm
Til I found the peace
That's inside of me
I've got 2 b strong
I stand 4 my dreams
I was made 4 this moment
Take me as I am
Or nothin at all
I'll keep holdin on
Raindrops will fall
Haunting echoes from a careless word
You'll never know how much they hurt
Dreams are precious don't you know
But they are so hard to follow
Hold on and look to your faith
Don't let nobody, nobody get in your way
I was taught not 2 run away
Cuz raindrops will always fall on your face
When it seems like all hope is gone
Gotta get thru the storm
B4 you can see the dawn
This is all I am
This is all I know
And I won't never ever let go
No I won't let go

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