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The Whole World And You - text


There's lots of pretty people here
Sharing soltries and passing letters and
There's lots of questions answered and
Metaphysical astronomical songs
Words printed all on papers
That seemed too mystical
It's so magical
People that dance and compute that
No one's better then you

La la la...

There's kings in distant cities
Who rule their persons and
Make them happy and
We won't forget about all the
Servisory congratulatory
Even the animals know that something's brewing
And they're all cooing
Cause in the end I'd like to say
No one's better than you

I hope you're happy now
I've revealed the truth
I've even written this whole song about you
And not about me
And not about me

Please don't just laugh and clap right now
This is serious
I'm not delirious
I've waited very patiently
Just to let you know
Who should run the show
'Cause we all know these are the facts
Nothing to retract
Nothing too abstract
Concluding in the song
I'll say
No one's better than you
No one's better than you
No one's better than

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