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Wretched fate for all - text

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Limbs congealed, the center barely existent
A winter’s breath only to reveal
My horrid inward thought unleashed
To bring haunting, indelible terror
All prudence shall drip under
When the disquiet nights approach
By hundreds of their overtones
Thousand nuances I shall lay circumscribed
With eye drops I take fresh vision
Yet each phantasm evokes different disgust
In an eon visionless, a world deaf
None may hear my wail
Sighs throbbing and tedious impale the quiet demise
I inhale the sweat of a thousand slaughtered sheep
Who put all progeny to sleep
Hollow, my dark spirit echoes
Sobs undissolved by time
All in some mystic cadence
Resolve me in their dire melody
Wretched fate... for all

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