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The Majestic Nothingness - text

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With virtues drained by a dream-nurtured malady
Transfixed in a delicate deathgrip I repose
As the colours all decayed through this blossoming torture revive
Costumed for the horrid stageplay
The chapters collected in fatal equilibrium
Illusions stifled, set for the vertical entrance
In dark graveyard soil bedding redolent of slow-motioned demise
And I renounce the reason
My cold rotten heart eclipsed
In a withering mercy it shelters my nonexistence
And sightless again, within these thoughts dehumanized
I grope the debris of vanquished desires
As the funeral crows’ strident choirs
Drone fearful tunes for the solemn black skies
Many seasons have fled into timeless subsistence
Where each and every moment is a different form of hell
… I hold no balance in the distance between
Retrace the scars trenched through the vague horizon
Where beauty and abhorrence hand in hand now walk
Tottering towards the virgin coastlines of nothingness
Destiny outstretched in bleak majesty – the nihil sector unrolls

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