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When nox-perfumed shadows embellish the gloom
And soft pluvia pours murmuring piano
The genuine affliction unrolls in sight
Through my flesh its fangs pierce
… in search of words still imprisoned inside
Wherefore didst the flowers grow weazen
When such exquisite charms were apt to cherish them gently?
Imageless reflexions through highflown visions dance
Lost within the sequence of dustveiled mirrors
Divide the recollections entwined like coiling snakes
Thus cloaked more by forgetfulness than in apathy
My sorrow shall exist
Palled be the waxing catharsis of everblissful delight
In this emotional winter, all my passions hibernate
From affectionate embraces deprived
While soft pluvia murmurs piano
Infecting my wounds with all its glamour deranged
I burn the bridges decrepit and leave them all behind
As I curse the dead with a brand new lust for life
From the ashes of persistence no desire shall rise
For a dying hand now holds the flaming torch
Hear the plaudit for the paramount deathwork
As hideous winds fiddle across the meadows scorched
Has life truly withered inside me?

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