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Through the frozen eyes my tears fall
As my dead heart lusts for yours
In a coffin's darkness underneath the stone
Where the angels' song embrace my soul.
«Forever» we promised chained in our love
Lost wishes now can't fly to heaven
If I could ask for only one more
I would ask for you
Only for you.
Where are your eyes now?
My beloved who will wear your crown
I feel hunger for our love
Within the darkness I'm all alone.
False beliefs, broken hope,
Betrayed and left by god
Your endless sorrow upon me now
Would disappear if I'm alive.
If my deadly wounds could only talk
They would scream so loud
And this scent of blooming winter
Reminds that everything dies.
Sleep my dear dreaming beauty,
Dream of us on purple shore
On your grave where angels bleed
Night will love me like you did before.
Forever we'll stay together
Not even death can do us apart
Wash the scars from your face
Forever you'll have me deep in your heart.

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