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Allegoria of an Eternal Sundown - text

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Eternal are the wounds from which eagerness bleeds denied
Through such grievous endearment, with quietude so sad
Beneath the swarm of agonies, frail words turn to dust
As hope bears the nexus of its cold postmortal bed
A distance has grown, another decreased
Each moment devours the very heart of resistance
As failures feast, solemnly deciphering eternity
Mongst blisses waned, where life’s vestiges fade
… there’s only seclusion to marvel at
With the first light, darkness came along
Like a constant stream with no source nor mouth
Subsurface pain efflorescence
– my internal garden of roses dead
Where the grief is still lurking in every dream
Reaching still for the deep dark void
The wine of the damned I taste
Tears fill the chalice of bittersweet dolefulness
As I wallow caressed by desolation
… disconsolate seasons to witness
The sun welters dying, enswathed in diaphonous eclipse
Beneath the swarm of agonies – one last solitary glimpse
To set ablaze the leftovers of an illusion’s synthetic art
The amorphous remains of a petrified era sobbing in my frozen heart.

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