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Mother's Pride cover by George Michael - text


Oh she knows
she takes his hand
and prays the child will understand
at the door they watch the men go by
in the clothes that daddy wore

mother's pride
baby boy
his fathers eyes
he's a soldier waiting for war
time will come
he'll hold a gun
his father's son

and as he grows
he hears the band
takes the step from boy to man
and at the shore she waves her son goodbye
like the man she did before

mother's pride
just a boy
his country's eyes
he's a soldier waving at the shore
and in her heart the time has come
to lose a son

and all the husbands, all the sons, all the lovers gone
they make no difference
no difference in the end
still hear the woman say your father died a hero
in the name of God and man

mother's pride
crazy boy
his lifeless eyes
he's a soldier now forevermore
he'll hold a gun 'till kingdom come

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