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It's bigger than what you thought it was
Can you picture me rollin'?
(That boy Cass')
I bet they know the name and the game (Game)
What's a 28? We roll out the whole thing (Thing)
Order up a hundred ice trays for the gang (Gang)
Bruce Wayne, Batmobile, one-of-one from Spain (One-of)
Order up a hundred ice chains for the gang (Icy)
Courtside, we sit front row at ball games ('Bron James)
That Wraith a wide-body so I hog up all lanes (Skrrt)
Niggas, they want clout, that's a shame, they want fame (Sad)
Before the "Bad and Boujee," been on flame
They say they love those songs, don't know the group name (How?)
I was thinkin' of goin' and buyin' my bitch a Birkin (What happened?)
Got me second guessin' now, but it might be worth it (I don't know)
This shit ain't worth it, she do this shit on purpose (I don't know)
I was nervous, remember when she curved me (Curved)
Remember that first time I stepped on the stage, I was nervous (Nerve)
Had butterflies in my stomach (Blrrt)
I wanted to vomit (Blah)
I was nervous
Nah, for real, keep it a hundred
That's how I feel
I ball, James Worthy (Ball, ball, ball)
Told her she can have it all, gotta make sure that she worthy (Worthy)
Bitches and chickens all in my livin' room (Brrt)
Two twins kissin', do what I tell 'em do (Two twins)
Hollywood bitch in the kitchen cookin' chicken soup (Whip it)
They ain't Asian, but eat rice more than Asia do (Molly)
I ain't gon' tell 'em how much to take, gon' do what they gon' do
Tryna talk my head off, but bae, this ain't no interview
When I pour up, I don't wanna speak or conversate with you
I know I told you lies before, but right now, I'ma tell the truth
The lion in the jungle, but I still remain humble
Get the sack, might tumble it, but I ain't gon' fumble
You gotta know me to understand me
I just took a trip to Kansas (Kansas)
Pour a four, pop a Xanny (Xanny)
She a thottie, but a baddy (Baddy)
They will never understand me ('Stand me)
Niggas, we high demandin' (Know that)
Nigga, we high demandin' (Know that)
The gang, we high demandin' (Price)
They will never understand it (No)
I remember the backend wasn't big enough
Now we seein' more blue than Bonnie
There is, there's a world out there. Start the cameras. Wow, that's very, very reassuring what we're seeing here. Couldn't have done it better myself. So more than 24 miles up, successful after all this training, all this work, all this time. There is the capsule, the data and the picture there, their (Stratos Capsule's altitude is at) families celebrating. (104 thousand feet.) And our guardian angel will take care of it

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