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Material Love prod. by SorrySines - text


[Pre-Verse: Tag Shai]
Mmmmmm, I feel dark
Mmmmmm, I feel dark

[Verse 1: Tag Shai]
See me counting stars on my roof when I lay back
When the war is gone, I will stay back
Spit black, once I knew the world of dro was shit
I came to relate that
Broken promises, I was honest this was a time of myth
But this is another cycle
And I'm recycling all the times of us
As it lives to remind you

Remind you of the life we had
Living in future's past
Trying to fix the pain with cash
Loneliness was a game we had
Now I sit here with my wrists in my pockets
Home alone well I think I'm an empty socket
Think about the time that we could've had
If we'd never lost it

[Pre-Hook: Tag Shai]
Mmmmmm, I feel dark
Mmmmmm, I feel dark

[Hook: Tag Shai] x2
Never want to be that
Stay right there you'll see that
Changing coloured hearts
Break the meaning of the feedback
Never want to see that
It's the type of place
And you see me walk around
With the feelings on my face

[Verse 2: Tag Shai]
Wearing all black
I think to a place that we all want to reminisce
You think of exceptions to the whole lesson
That you'd always seem to skip
With lies of abyss
I see the plains of a night that we'd want to miss
But you can not tell me anything anymore
I was done once but I can't feel you anymore

Coldest night
Feel like the feeling's right
Want to be tight but the fire ain't feeling bright
Doing this shit, yeah, all night
You would kill to come back
Hold up now 'coz you can't come back
I'm the one that you said you'd miss
But materials are the things that drag you back

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