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Don't tell me life is for the living
The voices that I hear say it's not so
I fear they just pretend to hold the answer...
They tell me life's what we're given
Then nevermore, but hey, you never know
Believe me, in time there's no tomorrow
So wish me well I feel it's time to go
Another time around
Another song, another crown
New faces hide the cards
Turn them down
A masterful design
Not once upon a time
And still we dream
We hope for something more
They told me - I saw
Holy fire, oh the burning of us all
Another time around
Don't want to face the day still unforgiven
No, I don't want to see the end at all
Don't want no brave new world tomorrow
Forevermore to one and all
They told me - I saw Holy fire - ooh, burning in us all
Another time around

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