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출처 (Trace) - Scratch by DJ Tukutz - text


A cup of coffee, it comes from poverty
The small hands that should reach out for dreams while holding a paper plane or a pencil
Are actually filled with coffee-flavored sweat, Handdrip
Thank you, little barista
I say this reality hurts my heart
But I need caffeine so go ahead and add another shot
It’s a circulatory system of an evil cycle
My consumption is a leech
A person’s poverty becomes another person’s luxury
The people who made the shoes that I wear far away
Probably are barefoot at the moment
Even the warmth that wraps my body
Its origin is a pit full of blood and bones as well
To make myself look like I’ve got some
It makes people who have nothing shed tears
Everyone says it’s better not to know
It’s because awareness became a sickness in this world

*Origin, If beauty comes from ugliness, is it beauty? Tell me
Origin, If beauty comes from ugliness, is it beauty?
Represent where you’re from

All of a sudden gasoline became holy water
And wars that are greedy of energy sources
Chemistry, a brighter problem than the blood diamond
But it’s more of a trivial problem than gas price
Because cars bring people to work
For a child who walks, someone crawl in the battlefield

The origin is fear, and in the aftermath system
We dig the ground and raise a flag, which is crooked
But I need technology
Please build me one more factory please
To me, it doesn’t matter if the roots, trees and forests rot
If only there’s an apple on the branch, then it’s holy garden
To get ahead of the game, steps are made but the cliff is right behind
Everyone says time is the remedy
It’s because the present time is a sickness in this world


To all the people who are uncomfortable because I’m comfortable
Thank you and I’m sorry
To all the people who are breathless because I breathe
Thank you and I’m sorry
To all the people who collapsed because I’m standing
Thank you and I’m sorry
To all the origin people of this world
Thank you, thank you


Origin, Represent where you’re from (X4)

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