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Dark spirits gather, hell's armies rise
The wheels of fate are turning, the stars have aligned
Our mortal armies don't stand a chance
The power of the gods falls into evil's hands
One by one our armies fall
Ancient gods hear our call
From out of the ruins comes a flash of light
Then we see his figure, sword glowing bright
His weapon forged of crystal, the blade of evil's bane
His immortal flesh can't feel any pain
In battle he belongs, from heaven he comes
Warlord, the mighty ancients call
Warlord, summoned to save us all
Warlord, in light darkness will fall
Fire sets the stage for the final fight
The dark lord must be slain in the name of all that's right
The swords clash together, then with a fatal swipe
The king of evil falls to the power of the light
His flesh of darkness burns
To the void he is returned

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