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The Dance of the Damned - text


I remember when our love would all but carry us away
Now those wings have left us stranded
I still remember how it felt there at your altar where I knelt
I guess you play the cards you're handed

As the years grew from the days we watched
our friendship fade away
Like you nor I could have imagined
Chance after chance, time and time again
you threw it all away
Yet you claim you were abandoned

There's nothing here for you and I
Yet we can't leave, we can't say goodbye
We can't bring ourselves to face the end
As we lock hands the song plays again

We dance, we dance, the dance of the damned

So walks the lady we all know down the long and winding road
Tell me what's all the confusion?
Her white light died so long ago but she
don't want no one to know
It just spoils the illusion

No reason for us to stay
One by one they all drift away
We tell ourselves it's not the end
Hear the band play our requiem

Your malice so unjustified
Yet when I run you're mystified
But they can't say we didn't try
Hand in hand, tears in our eyes

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