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The forces of evil have haunted my dreams
Their cryptic illusion seems to call for me
I see destruction, a demon standing tall
His face is familiar yet unknown to all
The tension is rising
And I can't deny
The power of evil
You gotta believe me, it was more than a dream
I saw our future, hell was reality
So won't you come and join me?
We've got to stand and fight
The underworld invade
At the hour of midnight
The voices are calling
Deep from inside
My spirit is falling
Can you hear my voice?
Calling from inside
This is not a dream
There's nowhere you can hide
Don't deny your fate
You shall take my form
There's no mortal man
Who can resist the Call of Evil
The power is within me, it's pure evil reborn
I've chosen my fate and answered to the call
And all is clear now, the writing's on the wall
The devil resurrected, and I've made a fool of you all!

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