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Sinner's Lament - text


Angels I beg you, please rescue me
I have been lost for so long
Temptation baited me, damnation waits for me

When did it all go so wrong?

I see the error of my ways
and I know the price I have to pay

Demons I beg you please release me
I want no part of you no more
My anger twisted me, the fire blistered me
I'm crawling out once and for all

Down on my knees i repent
and cry out my final lament

It seems my time has come
I look into her eyes
I hear the angels sing
With no fear I die

Father I beg you please forgive me
All my sins on display
Addiction left me blind, my love left me behind
I must atone and find my way

I took your soul and now I feast
I once was your light now I am the beast
You took my soul, I watched you feast
You were once my light now you are the beast

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