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Necromancer - text


Nightfall, full moon rising
Shadow, lighting our way
Outlawed, by arcane council
Now is the time, now we will rise

Make haste to the altar
Now the hour is here

Necromancer, shadow dancer
Worship the shadows where angels won't tread
Necromancer, shadow dancer
A slave to the book of the dead

Sacrificed is the virgin, now my offering made
Her blood falls to the earth, on this ground where he lays
The ground opens before me, he rises up to his feet
With a smile I look to the sky, the ritual is now complete

Out from the flames, our leader arise
Spreading his wings, our leader he flies

Now I'm free once again after centuries in wait
Darkness will consume the earth
I'm free to unleash all this hate
Now my power grows stronger with each mortal I kill
I'll kill you and then raise your corpse
You'll dance for me...
Yes, you will

Dawn breaks on the horizon
Shadow, blinding the sun
Vengeance, comes full circle
The world is now ours, the world is now ours

Text přidal DevilDan

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