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The dawn of war shines on the land, it's darkness versus light
To free the world from evil, we have come to fight
An army of a million foes before us on the hill
But we will not back down it's glory or be killed
A thousand years of torment, comes down to this day
An underlying feeling, avenge their evil ways
Taking back our freedom, taking back our lives
I'll show no fear and no regret, the strongest will survive
In victory we stand
With their blood on our hands
One more time we will reign
As the final hour draws near we slowly take a breath
For if we fail the world will suffer a fate worse than death
And in amongst it all I hear is the pounding of my heart
I slowly raise my blade to the air and give the call to charge
In victory we stand
With their blood on our hands
One more time we will reign
Feel the fury of my sword as it tears apart your flesh
A massacre fuelled by vengeance, we come in the name of death
A thousand evil foes become blood stains on my blade
On the fields they will die, the wastelands be their graves
A trail of courses left behind and many soon to be
On the ground the blood lay thick the fire burns in me
A slow and agonising death was your fate right from the start
See me look into your eyes as my sword goes through your heart

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