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Don't Say You'll Love Me Forever - text

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Alone beneath the night, like a 1000 nights before
One more mile down the path of nevermore
All our memories so quickly burn to dust
This heart that held so true, slowly turns to rust
It's the same old story as I watch another bridge burn
I know I'm just a fool, it seems I'll never learn
Her face it haunts me, I'm forever coming down
So many sorrows I must resist to drown
Come and save me, I'm scared and all alone
I can't remember how I got so far from home
Don't say you'll love me forever
'Cause I've heard it all before
Don't say you'll love me forever
Just love me
The sun refused to shine
The mountains tumbled to the sea
When the storm had passed
She turned her back on me
So don't say you'll love me forever
Darling it don't mean a thing no more
Don't say you'll love me forever

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