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My brother how you've fallen so high from grace
You've chosen me, your enemy, blood ties fall away

You wish not the evil life in which to you were born
Though we share this ancient blood your death I will not mourn

We are kin, our love, our bond

Dear brother, hear my words: Father's throne is mine
I plan to break the shadow's hold over our bloodline
Dear brother, your time has come to meet my crystal blade
Forged in the fire of the sacred spine
The finest ever made

Here lies our father beneath his grave
Brother light and shadow bring ends of days
Here comes the darkness, full moon eclipse
Look into my eyes, welcome to the crypt

You are shadow and I am light - the magics we have learned
Don't you see, you and me, we could rule the world
Dear brother, I accept in the name of blood
This world will feel our wrath of fire, wind and flood

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