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Say No More - text


Say No More, Say No More
Kiss My Ass, What Are You Waiting For
Say No More, Say No More
Kiss My Ass, What Are You Waiting For

I Got The Gist Of It
Now I'm Ready For The Gab
Reach Into My Bag Give You Something That
You Never Ever Had A Rag
The Time Is There And Now Tickity Tock
The Rock Will Show U How
Moving Steadily Proving That The Rhyme
Is What I'm Doing Giving A Shout
Taking It Out On The Bums Who Show Me Doubt
Saying U Got The Beef Jack I Got Meat Racks
Enough To Shove All The Negative Vibes Back


People Try To Tell Me Like They Saying What I Mean
They're Up On The Course
But They Missing The Routine
It's Not As Though I Love U
Even Though I'm Looking For U
Out That Is I'm Giving This
It's A Little Thingy That I Thought Would
Come To Pass Was I Living Close That Last
Bill Collector On My Ass
First I Opened The Door
Kissed The Fool And Said No More


Change My Tone Cause I Like A Little Twist
Put Your Mommy In The Room Cause I'm Sure
She Will Not Miss Oh Don't Want Cross That Path
See You're Dealing With A Man Not Myth Got Class
Of Course Don't Wanna Show Nobody Remorse
A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course
And If We Play He Haw I'll Ride Ya Till The Dawn
Till Ya Yawn My Little Fawn


Aaaah I Can't Stand It No More
Dirty Bandit Mr. Vain Is Insane In The Brain
Anyone Can Take That East 17
Welcome To Tomorrow Waking Up From Dreams
Life Is Never What It Seems
There's No Magic In My Red Beans
So I Sing Hallelujah Cause I Saw The Sign
Put It In A Rhyme And Made It Mine


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