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Skinchangers - text

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Intro :
I wonder where the woman that I knew went.
YOu crossed the line, not even you can.
Sometimes it was so hard being with you damn.
n these times its hard even being human.
But you changed so rapid. Like you on Acid.
Aint givin me no time to get adapted.
and it makes me wonder. Who that ass really is.
Could it ever really be that we felt like silly kids.
Sloka 1:
I know everything happens. Has its reason.
so technicaly what you did it wasnt a treason.
you had a lizard skin so I guess it was your season.
I got over it but I never found the meaning.
Obsessed with wealth so you went straight for cheatin.
You said it yourself. You cant live while you´re dreaming.
no one can help you unless you start seeing.
you´re a greedy-ass leech and not a human being.
She aint" no queen of the rebels, she a made-money shredder, shapeshifter and a, skinchanger, get her ?
Amusing how do the skinchangers usualy.
use weapons of mass-seduction just to prove things.
Only to them selves. Fuck that leave the scaly skin.
Wherever the night ends. Stained with shame semen and stinking.
As the spirit decay picture mr. Dorian Gray.
on a playdate with a playmate and a pound of cocaine.
What would Jesus do? Probably what would Frankie Wilde say.
and you are what you eating. so basicaly that makes them just a
mouth full of semen. gagging their conscience with deamons.
unconsciously reaping and every pervs dream is like a backstage.
they been there
Don Jon dressed as a female. shes pretty good looking but could be drag queen there.
Sloka 3:
She switches her dresses like we have switched our opressors.
If you aint driving compressor you can forget to undress her.
or even dinner, forget her. she for a different level.
And it could well be that im a bad bad person.
who cause you mental orgasm a phantom menace.
geenie out of the bottle. cork hasnt been shut.
bottle hasnt been properly plugged.
now let loose causin chaos and chasm.
changing the form, hes poor patron.
mentor, guru or whatever you have him.
inside of your imaginary realm.
Im peachy that you bitches just swell.
Scared in the silence and shitless. still got the same stories to tell
and it may seem accidental but the mental part´s essential.
better seek some medical attention.
before the reaping and redemtion.
loss of life essential.
replace costs and the spends makes it feel wrong at this end..

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