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Salvation Army - text

Sloka 1:
If you bored of living, beyond the Limit.
the more we Feeling like ABUSED CHILDREN
the more we vivid, want to end this PRISON.
but petitions never get us anywhere.
Its on I feel it, we will RISE AGAIN,
and end this penance. Mice versus Men.
Men versus giant. Deep Waters run silent.

REF: Where you want to go now? Salvation Army
No Money, home and no Job. Salvation Army.
Loosing all that you have. Salvation Army
I´m far from home with no life......

Sloka 2:
COPS FLED THE SCENE and finally some Action.
RAIN OF BRICKS starts casting. Shower of anarchy. -
We so desperate to take you down by any means.
Drowning inside of your past sin.
They say they carry their fathers with them.
And Police saying that they cant stop them. Fuck them
HALF THE ARMY deserted to them.


Bridge :
Your story´s filling THE MEDIA
Bussiness being twisted, abused, enrichment.
To improve the System. You get the Picture.
Motion-capture marks the ways to TRAP YOU.
Im a FORCE OF NATURE, Elimination.
Mutating as result of Radiation.
I´m part of the Problem, part of the solution.
X in the equation, next step of EVOLUTION.
Cancer caused by FLUORID TOOTHPASTE.
EARTHQUAKE caused by Butterfly movement.
Nature-Born healer reveal his TRUE FACE.
Get us rid of the pain in our Brains like a tooth ache.
Release the past, prepare for the new ways. World Ways,
that you´ d never taste. Pray for an Ice-Age to wash the NUCLEAR WASTE away, And sun finaly shines again over our graves.


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