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Pathfinder - text

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Sloka 1 :
I hit it the start button,
restart your dream engine,
look in my eyeballs,
see I aint pretending.
we co-dependent
and you Needs keeping me spending.
honeymooners or the weekenders.
When apart trippin´ like
is this where the wonderland is.
Like the Atlantis.
Feels like the Paradise Lost re-appearing.
and when I roar she only can hear it.
Open your eyes be my mirror.
I trust the signs like the aligment of the planets.
And never doubted that you must have been from different planet.
Making you even more hot when we in Venice.
God praise the creator who had you invented.
You cut my sanity off like the Apendix.
relive the childhood cuz we never had it.
Sync the thinking, dreams and our body-language.
blow off the candles as sweat keeps heavy raining.
I´ve been loosing my Soul
I´ve been fooling my own.
always searching for more.
(Never teach, never see, never feel)
Day and Night and day gone.
Only fighting to stay strong.
Fading out the pain´s worn.
Sloka 2 :
I push the boundries of your mind like fly-wheel.
and I never understood energy you spread around me.
Ill like filled with pills and dosed through the I.V
Hound, dog follow your smell through poison ivy.
You attract and admire me. best combination ever.
even better than Whiskey and our Weed.
I announce that proudly. renounce the fake goddes who fouled me.
and praise the rebel queen who found me..
Bridge :
Fuck you... cuz I dont trust you... but I Need a Girl to me..
cuz I be drowning in my apathy. but I Need another pretty Thing..
cuz this shit just seems discusting... and ima sacrifice everything..
just to find my way through the devils den....

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