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Spreading the Lead - text


Done with control and focus
Stick your hocus pocus
When your head is up your ass
How can you hear your calling

It's not smoke and mirrors
It's your deeper hatred inside
But that's the way they want it
And that's the way it will be
Spreading the lead
It's war

The face of peace will compel you
To spread some lead, to change the world
Subliminal conspiracy is the work of hatred preached
The conspirator will be Judas tonight
When the hour of darkness comes
And so it shall be done
And so it shall be written
Spreading the lead
It's war

Was it the thought of accepting your brother
When we all share the same Mother Earth
Was it your patriotic duty or an idiotic plan
That would keep our blood spilled on God's land
You did your evil deed
Planted a lethal seed
To make a war grow

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