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Last Reign - text


Predictions of the future come to pass
Like a preview of a movie called the last reign
So does freedom ring
Bell rings for the faithful
To me it sounds like a death toll

Wash away my sins for I feel the rage
Against what we've become
Watered down without fiber, headed for a mudslide
The erosion of the free

Is there still time, to kill the serpent
But the venom runs through their veins
If we catch them flush them out
Spill evil from their veins
We'd better wake up today

The blood of the free
Drips one by one from the eye of the eagle
Putting us on the endangered species list
Vultures, thriving vultures
Symbolic over the shattered liberty bell
Shrapnel embedded in our hearts

A little more blood
A little more sweat
A little less freedom
A little less money
A lot less love
And a lot more hate
It would be like a tyrant's reign
If it came to that
We'd rather be dead
Oh, not before we left our mark

We'll not be numbered
We'll not be marked
And this warning brings hope to the faithful
And this warning bonds us together
To prevent against total erosion
Providing shelter for the last reign

Maybe there's still time
But you'll not get me
And you'll not get mine

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