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Intruder - text


Roaming through the streets of my brain
Speeding past bad memory lane
Looking for that special place
Where I can ponder, wonder
And dream you're in my space
A sacred place


Why does everyone want to sell a map of heaven
While the devil hopes I'll take a shortcut to hell
Thought I was strong enough to do this on my own
But she's a trained pain killer
They're ramming images down my consuming throat
Force feeding their acceptance

Oh yeah! Just leave me be
My conscience clean


I'm driving for the truth
And fearing the unknown
And staying away from your guilt trip

Dreamer, dreamer, dreamer
You can't do this on your own
Oh intruder
Keep out of my head

I saw you invading my dreams
Crossing my path
Making me scream
Oh no - it happened to me
It can happen to you

You're in my space
Invading my dreams
Keep out of my head

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