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Broken Soul - text


Life is easy in altered states
Confidence you imitate
Will you embrace this gift of life
Or drown your time this theft denied
Are you happy to waste away
Did you cross the line
Your broken, soul broken

Did you ever curse the day when willpower
Walked away and created a monkey immoral
Didn't anyone tell you the monkey has no soul
But you do - and it's broken

Go out and get what you can
Yeah go get what you can
Till you're a name on a stone
In a box that holds your bones
I'll say "Don't feed the monkey" (3x)
Do you remember what it was like
To be something more than this
Something more than a broken soul

In the beginning you thought it was chic
You thought it was cute and exotic
And you said it would never take you over
But now you're controlled by narcotic

They don't give a damn
I don't give a damn
You don't give a damn
Soul broken

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