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Angry at the World - text


You damn yourself and everyone else
Picking up the pieces, they left you in a rotten world
With hand me down tears and reasons

Do you think
There's a place for you
Where the sun shines bright
And you delight in the moon
Or do you feel you don't belong
And I wouldn't take the time
To write you a song
You see the things around you
Society says they're not meant for you
I find this all a great mystery

You'll never know for sure
Will you ever know for sure
If you want to change the world
Into a better place
Can you control the rage inside
And face the things that were done to you
Then you see the innocent ones
Aren't the ones who deserve abuse
Perpetuate the cycle of violence
And take it out on someone else
How long will you be just another fool
Angry at the world

Hi fi, si fi - smokin' till you're red eyed
No where, don't care - looking with a face stare
Future is a blur
Choose it, lose it - everyone is fair game
No hope in scope, everyone is gonna pay
Angry at the world
Slowly you drain - quietly you'll pain
Cause you're angry at the world

Living down on the bottom of a mountain of guilt
For a childhood of trouble
Can you just shove aside the one
Who had tried to let you see you're someone

Or is everyone your enemy
All part of a world conspiracy
Can't even find a friend in yourself
Cause you are your own worst enemy
Thrown down and pinned to the ground
Are you strong enough to stand back up
How long will you be self-defeating

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