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Across The Plains - text


So when you look out of the windows
You're drawn in by the stand, now they're gone
The echoes of laughter and boundless cries
The fear in my mind
In the stream, come closer believe me
Reflections, illusions and sins you're swimming against the tide
Now turning around
Out of sight, out of mind
Everyone into, his castles of gold far away...
Never deserves you, come on preacher watch my dismay
Across the plains of mystery
Love sustains the infamy
Now caught in the middle of nowhere
No meanings, illusions are gone
A world lies in chaos, no memories
Spiritual lights
Waterfall of tears in the moonlight
Raise your hands to the sun
Free your soul, unchain the memories
Step in, one by one
Never they came for, building the walls far away
Will ever break through,
In castles of sand, what is real true

Text přidala Depresska

Video přidal Louis16

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