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Now I have a lot of time
To remember all I saw
Of reality that will never be back

Fine, my hands did all my wishes
I've done all I could for pride
But I didn't think, where it would take me on

Time, I feel there's no time
Great soul is in the other side
The only one i didn't try to save
Truth and Guiltlessness don't die
Somewhere they will survive
So their meaning will shine making sense again

Cry! My World has disappeared
I'll never see the sky
And my heart it was so hard it was so hard
Like a stone

But, I still feel hope inside
The illusion on my mind
And now I'm thinking of the meaning again
Light! The flash lights in my heart
Great feelings deep inside
In my mind I see the World
Like a crowd

Life! The nature will never die
I can see another day
In my heart I feel the Earth
Like a soul

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