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The Rainy Nights - text


Rainy nights again, I'm looking at your face
While you're shinning
From my eyes it seems like this love
Is blind and I feel the loneliness of night
Blowing up my heart

Please wipe these tears from your eyes
Cause I fell so sad when you cry
Baby I won't let you go anywhere
You've got to hold on
Try to forget it all just calling out my name

Rainy nights are passing through your heart
Rainy nights are * all my thoughts
Leaving me you made ME feel so down
This loneliness is blowing up my mind

I can win this game
I've had to grow, life has made me so strong
And I Know the sun will shine
Cause, baby this ain't the first time
And won't be the last

I will always be a friend
And I won't let you be alone at anytime
Trust in my words
I will be loving you
Until the end.

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