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Like Mars - text


In the name of the Lord, somebody would say
But they've never excuse their blamed hearts
They never mind about life they never mind about death
You know life always seems just like steps
Sometimes I wonder about the distant future
All I can see's just darkness and pain
The sky is the limit, the limit of what
This fucking World's near of it's end

In the name of the Lord, somebody would say
But they'd never excuse their blamed hearts
Never mind, never mind it will never happen again
I will kill someone

The money and the power, the couple of death
Are always letting people down to ruin
No matter we try, no matter we try
They do come back over and over again
I cannot believe. I can't understand
People are trying to destroy our World
I know they can do. I know they will do
They are planning to live on the Moon

But we could save our World
We don't have to be like Mars
We owe this to our children
They have an entire life to pass through
Do not destroy
Do not pollute
It must not have been right
So forever, goodnight

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