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Skinhead Jamboree - text

Remember me
I'm your boss again
Speaking to you
You know caleb
The boss skinhead
Were going to a jamboree tonight
Right, answer me when I speak
Remember I'm your boss

Now I want everybody to gather around me
Because I got something to say to you all here
I want everybody dressed up for this jamboree

First, you got your boots ready?
Dr, martin boots?
Buy yourself some boots

You got your jeans ready?
You got your jeans ready?
Levi jeans?

Errrr I'm sorry you can't come in, you're hairs too long.
You gotta get a haircut
The rest of you is ok

Now, special shirt
Ben sherman, only cost 59 and 6
Thats alright

Alright, now

Lets say 25,30
But save one for me
Save one for me
I don't care how many you take
But save one for me

No aggro,none of that
No fighting, nothing like that
No kicking just stomping

By the way
You aint wearing no braces
Go get some braces

Errr john
Flash your hash around
Go get some

Alright, we at the jamboree now
Lets start stomping
Here we go now

Everybody, get into the groove now
Oooooh yeh!

Have a good time you skinheads
Unite together!
Join hands

Who dont understand reggae
Its all the same

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Video přidal Mr-Zmrd

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