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Surrender to me
I lust for your purity
I am a thorn
Cutting you with every embrace
I will take what's mine
My greed knows no bounds
I need to feel alive
I need to see through your eyes
Stone prison
Salt poured into open wounds
Two faces contorting
An immortal trophy
I will multiply your emptiness
I will watch you sink to my depths
This is how it begins
Where it will end
Vow unto me or suffer the consequence
I need to see your despair
A blank expression and a lifeless heart
Coffin nail crown
Cutting you with every movement
Silenced and numb
Delicate skin pale and frozen
I need to feel alive
I need to take what's mine
Black out the sun
I don't need light to know you're suffering
Endless winter
Confined and locked away
If you follow me down
I will lead you astray
I will make you forget
Fill me with your pain
I need your to hurt so i can feel something
I will drag you into darkness

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