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From The Edge Of The Earth - text


Falling ground beneath my feet
Pulling my heart through my ribs
Head hung low
Dragged through the soil
No one to carry me on through the storm
Through time reborn,
I'll become the blood of the Earth
A voice unheard
Desolation served to the grave
Punished through an age
I've felt the piercing cold
Claw at my skin
Bury me with the maker
Through time rebon,
I'll become the blood of the Earth
No one to serve
Each day withers and fades
Yet the guilt never leaves
Years of endless mourning
A conscience so unclean
I've begged, pleaded and beseeched
Humbled before your majesty
I've felt the cold Moon's mercy
Now it's suffocating
Relieve me
Push me back,
Pulling me back,
No crown shall I bare
Push me back,
Pulling me back,
To salvation
Eyes so palid
Keep the heart beating
Long live the blood I yield
I kneel before your throne
Oh, God, what have I done
Tell them I've suffered enough
No open arms wait for me
Just this cold body

Text přidala Raduwa

Video přidal Louis16

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