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AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - Turn Aroun.. - text


Well it's that rapper ya'll ain't heard about
Lacking the word of mouth
It happens when you leave jaws slacked in a murdered crowd
Turn em out, how I serve em crack in absurd amounts
If raps were dope well that's what that verse about
Ain't a better version out
Work it out, can't a person doubt
Im a painter and a surgeon when they've heard me out
In they suburban house
Or trailer in the dirty south
Himalaya range with a hymn for any age ain't a bird this loud
On an earth this round
I'll out shout a bald eagle from the surface ground
I'm loud
Sure as a hound ain't a word to be found with none-sense
Competence ain't a worry
Im bound when the curtain is down
Shoot, aim, can't burden me now
Got a name you can't change with a personal noun
Serving it proud got you cursing my style
And I ain't ever shot a man in the back, turn around

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