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And I’m feeling the ultimate rush now
The land of the Vatican mad that I’m atoms and
Trapped and held captive by matter it’s sad to have had
But a moment in time that we live and we can’t ever have again
Can’t we relax and just think of all that again
Or the ring that you have when I had your hand
Held in the hospital seemed like hell and impossible
Till he came yelling through all of the obstacles
This is our son
Michelangelo you’ve been out done
You hung from the ceiling now all of it’s peeling
Not all is appealing to some
And I’m thinking of when we hung outside in the rain
Laughing to stop all the tears
An old man was trying to throw his old orange away
But he kept dropping all of the peels
All of it’s real and all of it’s relevant
Life and death is all but a breath in it
Could have left it in Rome but we built us a home
And like Rome we are now in our deficit
Now in our deficit
With a debt that is heaven sent
With a life that was meant for it
I bet I know how it feels when you see orange peels
And this song is just trying to mention it
You know that all we have hope for is time
Even if whole or if broken we’re fine
Even if old and much slower and laughed at unknowingly
You will always be mine
Always be mine

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