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AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - That Good .. - text


That Good Ship
I hate the music business
The way it bullies gifted
Artists switch from being honest to cool and distant
New but not truly different
We got unruly misfits, players and jocks
While we playing the part of the clueless victim
Ain't a high-school movie
Had to brace like Tootie when the news hit’em
Only a few will listen
Cus their ain't nothing new about “The Facts of Life” dude
So why don’t you sit-calm
If the shoe fits on why don’t you kick some
Of that good ship that you spit amusement fun
That gets you sick from two spins that’s music 101
Ain't getting spun in the club I’m done
Unless I go numb, make my flow dumb
And go and write a hit song called “Fido Run”
So many idols come so many idols go and in the end man
I don’t know

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