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Look in the dark through the eyes of the night
Tell me what do you see?
Are you afraid for your life well I am and it's blackening me
I see a face in the night a voice is shouting my name
Shadows of the past are recalling me, set me free
Ride with the sword in your hand
And some day with the sword you will die
Live the blade of the damned but never return, no never
I see a face in the night and now you're shouting my name
Shadows of past are returning
I feel a threat for my life it's like the scream in the night
I am a threat for your life I'm a scream in the night
So listen to me when I ask you today
Will the past make us strong
Are we just learning to die are we learning to crawl as we fall
I am the face in the night and now I'm shouting your name
Shadows of past are recalling
Pointing at you and now you're down on your knees
You're praying god to believe that life and death are eternal
You crawl

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