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Stoned Again - text

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Whenever I feel
My blood squeezing through my veins
It's like a disease
There is something slowly flowing to my brain
That's when I know
God damn I'm stoned again
There's someone else in me
I've lost control again
Now I'm down on my knees
Alone with my fears
I'm facing the years that I have left behind
As strong as our will to live
It takes but may never give
It's destroying my mind
God damn I'm stoned again, there's someone else in me
Losing all control again and now I'm on my knees
No not again, take my mind
And if I don't learn I might get burned
If you don't believe just wait and they'll be pointing at you
So take what you want but don't blow it away
Cause it's just lying and dying it's cheating all the way
[Repeat Chorus]
Oh no not again it happens all the time
And if I don't learn I might get burned

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